Soluble Silicate Material

Mr. Jumerah Soluble Silicate material is specially formulated with Plant-Available Silicon, Calcium, Magnesium and essential trace elements to enhance plant and soil structure. It improves the fertility and quality of marginal soils and peat soils with chemical imbalances, structural instability, increases water retention and cation exchange capacity (CEC), and reduces phosphorus immobilization and ion toxicity issues associated with low pH soils.

Crops such as oil palm, rubber, fruit trees, rice, pineapple, maize, sugarcane, leafy & fruity vegetables, turf grass will benefit from supplemental levels of silicic acid that helps to:

  1. Increase photosynthesis for better crop yield and quality
  2. Reduce transpirational water loss
  3. Enhance tolerance to various forms of abiotic stress such as drought, heat, cold, aluminium, salinity, mineral imbalance and heavy metals stress
  4. Increase mechanical strength and rigidity
  5. Delay and reduce fruit decay, and
  6. Improve pest and disease (P&D) resistance as well as
  7. Prevent crop lodging